To keep the body in good health is a duty…
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

The Buddha


     Traditional Thai Massage

A mixture of deep tissue massage and yoga, Thai traditional massage has been practised and perfected over centuries to offer an exceptionally therapeutic experience which not only loosens tight or aching muscles but also relieves tension in the stress lines of the body.


     Thai Oil Massage

Oil massages are an incredible way to relax and unwind. They have many benefits including releasing stress and tension from tight or tired muscles. They are also an ideal way to spoil yourself or a loved one!


     Siam Reflexology

Our specially tailored reflexology therapy consists of either half an hour or an hour of foot massage with Siam Sanctuary’s unique balm. This is followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage to release tension in key areas and promote well being.


     Head, Neck & Shoulders

A fantastic way to take a quick time-out either at lunch or after work, our head, neck and shoulder massages last for half an hour and for only £30 there’s no better way to release the tension that can build up over the course of the working week!


     Pre/Post Natal Therapy

Due to a high demand for pregnancy massage, we have developed a 90 minute package that incorporates a 45 minute reflexology session with a specially tailored 45 minute Thai traditional massage to relieve pain and tension from feet, calves and the upper/lower back which can occur throughout pregnancies. This treatment has proved very popular for obvious reasons.


     Signature Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

Siam Signature Thai Herbal Compress Therapy is our modern take on an ancient Thai herb-ball massage. Starting with a 15 minute Siam Reflexology session we then take our clients through to the studio where they receive a 45 minute traditional Thai massage. This is followed by a half an hour Herbal Compress massage outside in our luxurious and serene heated garden. Truly an experience to never forget.